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ACBA October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Subject: October meeting minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2018                                                                      Members in attendance:  36

Anderson Federal Credit Union

100 Hanna Crossing, Anderson, SC 29621


Meeting was called to order by Keith Ausburn, Vice President, in absence of club president.  Opening prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler.


Guest speaker was Kerry Owen, owner of Bee Well Honey in Pickens, SC and president of the South Carolina Beekeepers Association.

Kerry opened with reminders of what our $10 state dues goes towards and handed out brochure’s regarding this for future members to receive.  Also reminded our association to take advantage of grants that are available.

His spoke of what to do and not do this time of year in our hives to prepare them for winter.

·        Remove extra supers.  It creates too much space for them to protect from invaders and pests like the small hive beetle, wax moths and varroa mites.

·        Treating your hives for varroa mites is essential.

·        His hives are tested by the USDA, and you can volunteer your hives to be tested for pests, diseases and viruses as well.

·        Feeding inside the hive is best, enclosed.  SHB are drawn to sugar water outside the hive.  Keep the feeders clean and avoid sour sugar water.

·        Pollen patties should be avoided.  It creates a feeding ground for SHB.  You could try an alternative by mixing pollen substitute with powdered sugar and sprinkle this over the bees in small quantities.

·        Assess mite level counts at 4-month intervals.

·        Repair hardware if necessary

·        Do not open your hives unnecessarily after November

·        Clean up your bee yard of dead out boxes.  They create a breeding ground for SHB and wax moths.

·        Feed, feed, feed!

Q & A:

What ratio of sugar to water do you use?  1:1

How often should we be treating for varroa?  Try every 4 months, if possible

Should we be worried about becoming honey bound?  Not this time of year.  Just feed, feed, feed!

What treatment do you recommend?  Apivar is what he likes and uses. It contains Amitraz.

He suggested another option to requeening would be to purchase and use queen cells instead. Sometimes queens are sold prior to being given time to breed adequately enough.





Business:  Two motions were brought to the members for a vote.