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Feb 11 2019 Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2019
Anderson Federal Credit Union
100 Hanna Crossing, Anderson, SC 29621
Members in Attendance: 33
Meeting was called to order by Keith Raines, President
Opening prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler
• Door prize ticket sales started this month.
– $1.00 tickets
– better prizes
– money for the club
– winning ticket chooses prize
• Name tags for members during club meetings and events
• Annual Beekeeping Course began 1/22/19, 6 week program, 23 students enrolled
Upcoming Events:
• Anderson County
– Tuesday 3/26/19 Club representative will be speaking to local women’s gardening group
– Saturday 4/6/19 SC Botanical Garden Spring Plant Sale 9am-1pm
– Saturday 4/13/19 Chili Cook off Championship
– Date TBA Hot Air Affair, Rise Above Cancer (3 day event)
– Date TBA Williamston Spring Water Festival (2 day event)
• March 1-2, 2019 NCSBA & SCBA joint meeting in Monroe, NC
• July 15-19, 2019 EAS at Greenville Convention Center
Speaker: Keith Raines
Topic: “Different Ways To Feed Bees” (50/50 sugar to water ratio)
Boardman Feeder
Placed at entrance of the hive
– easy to see level of sugar water
– easy to remove and refill
– can promote robbing due to location of feeder
Division Board Feeder (Frame Feeders)
Placed in the brood super in place of 1-2 frames
– feeder can hold more liquid
– feed is inside, giving less chance of robbing
– feeders may have to be modified to prevent drowning
– honey supers must be removed in order to refill, check or clean
– room is sacrificed that could otherwise be used for brood
Top Feeders
Top feeders are made of wood or plastic. Place directly on top of hive super or brood box with
inner cover removed.
– enclosed in hive, reduces chances of robbing
– can hold 1-2 gallons
– can be filled without disturbing bees
– many bees can feed at once
– good for almost any time of the year for feeding
– might not be the best during freezing weather
– some have floating platforms and may drown bees
NOTE: Make sure telescoping top is tight on top of feeder. Make sure inner cover is removed.
Community Feeders
Often made with a 5 gallon bucket with sticks, branches or rocks to prevent drowning. Or
chicken waterers, bird baths, etc. with sticks, rocks or moss to prevent drowning.
– many hives in the same area can be feed at the same time without handling hives
– your not going into hives to check for issues as frequently
– you end up feeding everything including yellow jackets, hornets, ants etc.
NOTE: Always place community feeders away from the hives to decrease chances of robbing
Jar Feeders (Inside)
– can be placed directly above cluster
– one of the best ways to feed in winter.
– bees will propolize the holes in the lid
– you need an extra super to cover jar(s)
– in extreme cold, you cannot open hive to refill
Bucket or Pail Feeders
A small 1 or 2 gallon pail or bucket, with small holes in the center of the lid, is placed upside
down on top of the center hole of the inner cover. An empty super is placed around it with the
outer cover on top.
– you can feed 1-2 gallons at a time
– feeding inside the hive offers less chance for robbing
– you have to have an extra brown super to cover the pail
Migratory Tops with Hole(s)
– in clear view to check sugar water level
– easy to refill
– can use pint to gallon jars
– hole in the top has to be tight as to not let rain or snow leak onto bees
– bees usually propolize the holes in the lid
Q & A:
How long does sugar water last?
It depends, but additives like Honey Bee Healthy or lemon grass oil may help prolong.
Changing it more often and using less in the feeders may help as well.
How do you store drawn comb?
If the drawn comb has never had brood or pollen in it (i.e. YOUR honey supers) you can store
the frames in the supers stacked and covered with a metal queen excluder underneath. If the
comb has had pollen or brood, it will attract wax moths. It is best to store in a freezer, or keep
in AIR TIGHT containers. Others choose to use a product called Para-Moth.
February Beekeeping Calendar
• Check food stores
• Treat for Varroa Mites if needed
• Attend bee meetings
• Assemble and clean equipment
• Order bees or queens
Bees For Sale (All Dates Subject To Change)
Joe Kelly 864-845-6663 Nuc’s available 1st week in April
James Ott 864-221-2123 Nuc’s available 1st week in April
Billy Craft 864-617-7630 Packages available for pickup Mon. & Tues., March 25th & 26th
Bee Well Honey in Pickens 864-898-5122 Nuc’s (Sold Out) & Packages-Call for available dates
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
email: acbaofsc@
Discounted rates for American Bee Journal $28 to $23.80
Door Prizes were handed out at the close of the meeting.
A package of bees was donated by Billy Craft to be given to one lucky member via a free
drawing. Jim Bach was the winner!
Please retain your red tickets. A complete cypress hive, donated by Joe and Lynne Kelly, will
be drawn for during the April meeting.
Next meeting, March 11, 2019
6:30 pm fellowship and refreshments, meeting at 7pm.
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary