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ACBA April 8 2019 Meeting Notes

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2019
Anderson Federal Credit Union
100 Hanna Crossing, Anderson, SC 29621
Members in Attendance: 34 Visitors: 10
Meeting was called to order by Keith Raines, President
Opening prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler
Eastern Apicultural Society 2019, July 15th-19th at Greenville Convention Center
(Prices have not been set for 2019)
For reference, EAS 2018 prices were:
$25 to join
One day pass $70 per day
Short Course Only $180 (Mon.-Wed.)
3 day conference $180 (Mon.-Wed.)
Full week $260
Proposal for ACBA to sponsor EAS “Break” voted on. Nays won. May revisit subject next
Association purchased a teaching hive, banner and brochures.
Still need a canopy, table, and place (i.e. storage unit) to store ACBA equipment.
Upcoming Local Events:
Saturday 4/13/19 Native Plant Society, Plant Sale, 8:30am-1:00pm, Conestee Nature
Park in Mauldin
Monday 4/22/19 Bob Campbell Geology Museum, Earth Day, Clemson 1pm-7pm
Speaker: Keith Raines
Topic: Bee’s are here!! What do we need to be doing now?
Nucs, Packages and Swarms
• Feed Sugar water if needed
• Add to weaker hives from stronger hives
• Watch for swarms and be prepared for them with the right equipment
• Stop feeding when you add YOUR super, whether you use queen excluders or not
• Stop using community feeders if you add YOUR supers to any of your hives
• Isolate hives that still need feeding by using boardman, frame, or hive top feeders
• Don’t dump old sugar water near hives
April Beekeeping Calendar
• Watch for and catch swarms
• Watch for full boxes and add supers if needed
• Have additional equipment ready
• Attend bee meetings

Bees For Sale (All Dates Subject To Change)
Most suppliers selling out!
Joe Kelly 864-845-6663
James Ott 864-221-2123
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
Door Prizes were handed out at the close of the meeting.
A full hive setup was donated by Joe and Lynn Kelly as a door prize and was won by Wilson
Wheeler. Congratulations!
Thank you to all who donated!
Next meeting, May 13, 2019
6:30 pm fellowship and refreshments, meeting at 7pm.
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary