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ACBA 10/19/20 Zoom Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2020
Video Conferencing Via Zoom
Members in Attendance: 13
Meeting was held by Keith Raines, President
Please remember, if you want state membership, you will need to join through their website
Covid restrictions are still preventing “in person” meetings at our regular location. Information
on when meetings will resume as normal will be relayed as soon as that information becomes
Open Discussion Topics:
• Make sure you’ve treated for varroa, and remove any remaining treatments.
• Perform mite counts and keep record of it, before and after treatment is ideal.
• Drones are still present for some, others have observed few to none.
• Feed as much as they will take right now. When cold temps arrive, they will not leave the
cluster to feed.
• Do NOT go into hives if the bees are not flying or if the temps are below 50 degrees.
• What hive setup is best for our area? Double deeps? Hive and a 1/2?
• Beneficial Nematodes were suggested for control of small hive beetles as was using
products for the soil such as GardStar.
October Beekeeping Calendar
• Feed your bees as needed
• Reduce entrance to deter robbing and hive beetles
• Control hive beetle populations within your hive
• Complete varroa treatments
• Work on equipment
• Attend bee meetings, via video conference if need be
• Experienced beekeepers, help new beekeepers!
Next meeting to be announced.
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary