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ACBA January 11, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2021
Video Conferencing Via Zoom
Members in Attendance: 16
Meeting was held by Keith Raines, President
Please remember, if you want state membership, you will need to join through their
website SCBA requests that you please renew your
membership by January 31, 2021
*Covid restrictions are still preventing “in person” meetings at our regular location. Information
on when meetings will resume as normal will be relayed as soon as that information becomes
Zoom Highlights:
Discussion of varroa treatments (Oxalic Acid and Apirvar) during winter months.
OA can be applied via vaporization, trickle method and spray.
Never treat with honey supers on.
Always follow product instructions.
2020 Memberships will roll over to 2021 without fees.
New members $15
2021 Beginner Beekeeper Course:
Steve Genta and Brian Roberts will be instructors this year.
The course will be held via Zoom or similar online format.
Starting Feb. 9th, each Tuesday for 6 weeks, from 6-8pm
Cost will be 75.00
Any student from our 2020 course will be able to take the 2021 course free of charge.
January Beekeeping Calendar
• Clean, paint and assemble bee equipment
• Check food stores when warm enough
• Check for proper ventilation to prevent moisture build up
• Order BEES!
• Attend bee meetings, via video conference
Next meeting February 8th, via Zoom.
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary