April 2016 Newsletter

ACBA April 2015 Meeting    

ACBA – Meeting will be held Monday April 11th at the Starr Town Hall at 7:00pm.


We are on the doorstep of the start of our spring nectar flow. Hives are overflowing with bees and it is time to make some honey!!


It is also swarm season, and bees are swarmingJ


Our mentors will be working with our newly graduated class of beekeepers. What a class-96% of the class that took the final exam passed. Congratulations!!


Not too late to get bees, but time is running out very quickly. By now we should have added supers to our production hives adding room for both honey and brood. Keep a close eye on the new packages and nucs for 80% drawn – time to super.


Meeting agenda will cover


  • Starr town hall payment
  • Business news from the officers.
  • Open forum. Bee talk!!



April – Room for Honey, room for Brood!


Install packages and feed sugar syrup as needed. Same for your nucs, feed them till they stop taking syrup. Add supers as necessary. Remember you can’t overdo drawn comb but only one super with new foundation at a time. Requeen underperformers or missing queens. Watch for swarms and catch if possible. Be safe! No swarm is worth harming yourself.


See you soon.



James Ott

Owner, Cedar Ridge Apiary

President, Anderson County Beekeepers Association

864 221-2123

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