July 2016 Newsletter

ACBA July 2016 Meeting

ACBA – Meeting will be held Monday July 11th at the Starr Town Hall at 7:00pm.

Our major nectar flow has ceased and now is a great time to start extracting our honey harvest. There will still be minor nectar flows throughout the remainder of the season to help maintain hives if we get rain.

Early recommendation is to stat feeding any hive that is lacking in honey stores for winter. This recent dry weather has created an early dearth of nectar and a lack of blooms. Honey stores can disappear quickly under these conditions. Keep a close eye on honey. Don’t forget to reduce your entrance while feeding to reduce robbing.

Meeting agenda will cover

  • Club business/finances
  • SCBA summer meeting
  • Open forum. Bee talk!!


July – Early Harvest!

Many beekeepers like to extract in early July to have a spring/early summer harvest which is often lighter in color and flavor. Wet supers can be placed directly back on the hive and allow the bees to “clean up” the remaining honey residue. Hive inspections should continue with focus on queen production. Requeening an underperformer now will greatly increase winter survivability.

See you soon.



James Ott

Owner, Cedar Ridge Apiary

President, Anderson County Beekeepers Association

864 221-2123

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