September 2016 Newsletter ACBA September 2016 Meeting

ACBA – Meeting will be held Monday September 12th at the Starr Town Hall at 7:00pm.

Time to have some good healthy conversation about bees. Bring your questions, bring your concerns and we will have our experienced beekeepers share their skills and knowledge.

Checking mite load and treating should be your main focus at this time of the year.  The time is here for you to check for varroa and get treatments in before it is too late to protect those winter bees. REMEMBER-TAKE CARE OF THE BEES THAT TAKE CARE OF THE BEES THAT GO INTO WINTER. A damaged house bee can’t take care of larvae the way she should, so those she is responsible for aren’t healthy when they final emerge and they are the bees that are suppose to live long  and over winter. If they are damaged, they don’t live long enough, and you end up with a dead colony next spring.

Meeting agenda will cover

  • Zika
  • Open forum. Bee talk!!


August – Preparation for Fall

Now is the time to treat for mites, don’t delay. Pull your last supers and if you are leaving these for food don’t forget to remove your queen excluder. Prior to pulling any honey evaluate whether your bees have enough stores to winter on. If feeding is in order than, WITHOUT HONEY SUPERS, feed sugar syrup. Winter will be here soon and your actions this month go a long ways to eliminating winter losses.

See you soon.




James Ott

Owner, Cedar Ridge Apiary

President, Anderson County Beekeepers Association

864 221-2123

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