March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers Assoc.


  • President Dave Miller opened the meeting @ 7 pm.
  • Opening prayer by Wilson Wheeler
  • Linda Rakey gave the Treasurer’s Report – We have 72 paid members, a $ balance, receipts for dues payments are available, and 31  were in attendance
  • President Dave Miller-
    • WE STILL NEED A SECRETARY! Dodie Clark filled in tonight
    • Mentioned the joint NC/SC Beekeepers Meeting for Spring has past, but the Summer Meeting is in Charleston in July
    • Youth Education Grant monies are still available for each chapter to sponsor a student beekeeper
  • Danny Mitchell demonstrated how to install a package-
    • Set up your hive body in your apiary/yard
    • Pull out 5 frames from the hive body
    • Remove the queen cage from the package and set her in a safe place to the side (out of extreme weather)
    • Spray the package of bees with sugar water and then shake/bump the package to get them to the bottom of the container; then place the opened package in the hive body where the 5 frames were.
    • Remove the cork from the hole with the candy of the queen cage, place it horizontally on top of the package, and then close up hive body.
    • Check after a few days…the worker bees should have eaten the candy and released the queen from her cage. Remove the package container and queen cage. Put the 5 frames back in the hive body and close it up.
  • Dave Miller introduced his “Swarm Trooper”-
    • He and his son are marketing this lightweight swarm catcher made of corrugated plastic and that holds up to 5 frames. It has vents, entrance, feeder hole, and mounting straps. ONLY $40!
    • Bonus- If you are the first one to call him with a swarm captured in his invention, he will award you $50 if you allow him to take pictures of the captured swarm in the Swarm Trooper for marketing purposes.
  • Guest Speaker, Robin McGee, Herbalist of Earthwise Learning Center. Anderson, SC
    • She discussed her uses of honey and beeswax in her herbal medicines
      • Honey – (medicinal qualities alone)
        • Flower infused honeys (i.e. honeysuckle, passion flower, mimosa, rosemary, and elderberry for emotional and physical well-being)
        • Syrups/Elixirs (i.e. elderberry)
        • Topical applications (i.e. leg ulcers, acne, burns)
      • Beeswax- (great emulsifier and natural preservative)
        • Salves (i.e. chickweed, olive oil, and beeswax to make “relief balm” for burns)
        • Creams (i.e. violet leaves, olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, water to make dry skin reliever)
      • Propolis – She was asked about its use in herbal medicine. She affirmed its use in a tincture to fight bacterial infections
      • Plantain (Plantago major) – She mentioned that this common weed is one of the best remedies for honeybee stings. Chew it up and put it directly on the sting. Change every 10 minutes. It is supposed to reduce inflammation and relieves pain
      • You can peruse her classes at, or contact her for products (soaps, salves, creams, syrups, and tinctures) by e-mail: . Her husband also raises organic livestock (pork, chicken & eggs, beef) available for order via
  • Bee Question-
    • Linda’s only hive swarmed on March 8th and she wasn’t home to catch it. She asked about splitting her hives in February of next year to avoid early swarms. James Ott, said that is weather dependent (was it a fair winter again?), as well as on whether a queen is available for purchase in late winter.
  • Giveaway Winners-
    • Joe Duffy – butterfly house
    • Jim Bach – candle mold
    • Brad Tolbert- jar of hot pepper jelly


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