April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers Association

Minutes 4/10/17

Thank you to Jim Bach for taking this month’s minutes at the meeting; we are still in need of a permanent Secretary.  Call Dave Miller 328-3243 to volunteer.

Wilson Wheeler offered a prayer to open meeting at 7:00 pm in the Starr Town Hall

Dave Miller welcomed everyone and said that the meeting’s format would be questions, answers and comments.


  • $142 dollars needed for web site renewal.  Expense was approved by membership.
  • Put members’ names who sell honey and supplies on website. Add Joe Kelly, Danny Mitchell, & James Ott.
  • State summer meeting will be in Florence.  James Ott commented that with all that Clemson does for bee keeping that the meeting should be in Clemson, especially since it was in Charleston last year
  • Listed who was mentoring whom.  Class members were emailed that list.
  • Danny Mitchel asked if club was interested in another extractor.  For about $100.00 in material he could convert an extractor he had to a radial one.  He could have it ready for this year.


  • Who has had a swarm? Many hands were raised.  In catching a swarm, avoid those that are located 20 feet up.  This is for safety reasons.  First swarm from a colony contains the older queen.  James Ott requeens these swarms unless the queen is very productive.  Be sure to feed your captured swarm.
  • Dave Miller has swarm traps for sale and is offering $50 to the first two people who can video a swarm being caught in his traps.
  • Lemon grass oil and pheromones are used inside the traps to attract the bees.
  • Don’t put the swarm trap near your bee yard; put it farther away from you to catch both your bees swarming and others.
  • James Ott said that the same hive can have multiple swarms.
  • Member with a Flow Hive says that it is looking promising that he may get some honey this summer.  Members would like to see the extraction.


  • Question on Grant money to be used for 4H kids.  This money could be used for a whole hive, bees, and bee outfit for the beginner beekeepers.  The grant was requested from the state a month ago, but there is no reason to wait.  Our club can fund approximately $500 to get the process going now.  The membership approved the motion and James Ott & Joe Kelly were put in charge of this task.  Jeremy Brick’s children are the recipients of this donation since they are in both 4-H and our bee club.
  • Is now the time to put on honey supers?  Yes, add the honey super if 80% of the frames have been drawn out and bees are on the other two. Frames with drawn comb and cut comb frames can be added to the new super to promote progress.  Start in the center and stagger these frames with undrawn frames.
  • How does one get the practical exam which is needed to be a certified bee keeper? Email Dave Miller or James Ott for information.
  • Is it necessary to have a certified honey house in order to sell your honey to the public.  No.  A person can apply to the State for an exemption.  This will require an approved label and allow the person to sell up to 400 gallons of honey, but only to the end user, not to stores.
  • When should one requeen?   Requeening may be necessary if there is an egg laying worker or signs that the hive is queenless.  A queenless hive is usually noisey and very agitated.


Gifts:  Several people brought in things to be raffled to members:  two perennial plants, a queen excluder, a Swarm Trooper, jelly, and fresh eggs.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30

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