August 2018 Meeting Minutes

Subject: ACBA August minutes, request, and bylaw changes

Fellow beekeepers, here are 3 items for you to review:


Anderson County Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2018                                                              Members in attendance: 28


Location:         Anderson Federal Credit Union

100 Hanna Crossing

Anderson, SC 29621


Business:        Meeting was called to order by Keith Ausburn, Vice President.  Opening prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler.

Amendments made by the board to the ACBA Bylaws were briefly discussed and read by Dave Miller, President.  These amendments will be emailed to all members.


Program:         There was a brief Q&A time about Sourwood.  Some members have had slight success with bringing some back from the mountains.  Daily rain prevented the bees from collecting much nectar.

The topic of checking the honeys moisture content was brought up.  The tool suggested to check it was a refractometer.  The moisture content should not exceed 18.6%.

Members were asked if they had started Varroa Mite treatment yet.  Some responded yes but most have not.

Dave Miller, President, recently attended the Australian Bee Conference in June.  He gave a slide presentation about stingless bees.  He brought a book titled “The Australian Native Bee Book” by Time Heard.

Subject matter about the stingless bees included:

They are a 1/4 the size of our honeybee.  The kept hives are also 1/4 of the size of our Langstroth hives.  Some species have patterns to their brood (i.e circular) The cells that their honey is stored in is referred to as “honey pots” or “honey sacs”.  Ants are a problem for them, which the bees help to keep out with propolis formed into long tubes at the entrance which they continue to build on. Australia currently has no varroa mites.  The stingless bee takes 50 days to hatch.

Door prizes were given out at the conclusion of the meeting.  Thanks to all who donated!

Next meeting scheduled for September 10, 2018


Respectfully submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary

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