ACBA minutes Sept 2018

Subject: ACBA minutes Sept 2018

Anderson County Beekeepers Association

Meeting Minutes


September 10, 2018                                                                Members in attendance: 23

Anderson Federal Credit Union, 100 Hanna Crossing, Anderson, SC 29621


Opening prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler.

Guest speaker was Ryan A Okey, Pesticide Program Chief at Clemson University’s Regulatory & Public Service Programs Department of Pesticide Regulation.

  • During investigations, state and federal credentials are utilized.
  • 72 hours is the crucial time frame for affected hives.

How they regulate:

  • Clemson was designated as State Lead Agency by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) in 1972
  • Every product is registered under FIFRA
  • No new active ingredient has been added in 18 years, although many have been removed
  • 12 investigators with independent lab

What they do:

  • Protect consumer property and environment
  • Ensure safe and proper use of pesticides via inspections, certification, product registration

What has been done:

  • The new EPA bee Advisory box
  • Implemented policy that protects bees from agricultural pesticide spray and dust application while bees are under contract for pollination services.
  • Prohibited certain neonicotinoids
  • Bee impact studies
  • Bee exposure and effect testing
  • Expediting the review of new varroa control products
  • Data requirements
  • State managed “pollinator protection plans”
  • Pollinator training
  • Bee apiary mapping program (voluntary)

What to do:

  • Notify DPR (Department of Pesticide Regulation) at Clemson for pesticide use, bee kill investigation
  • Protect your bees—close, cover, move
  • Have an emergency plan
  • Communicate—Get on a notification list to be warned of sprayings:
  • Contact your local County/Municipality Emergency Management Division for more info.
  • The direct link for applying for Clemson’s Hive Mapping/Bee Stewardship Program is:


Business:  Amendments to the ACBA By Laws were addressed and concluded with.  The newly amended version will be sent out to members via email.  A vote for approval to Bylaw changes will be made at the November meeting.

Dave Miller volunteered as Club Representative to attend state meetings and relay information back to the ACBA.  This is a two-year position, can be renewed, and is not a Board position.

As approved by the Board, Patricia Brandes volunteered to be the new Board member with no initial duties.  This makes a 5-person Board.

The board will be compiling nominees for our 2019-20 ACBA president and presenting those names at our October meeting to be voted on at the November meeting.

Jim Bach has volunteered to be the new Website Manager and will update our webpage at


Door prizes consisting of fresh eggs, aloe plant, chow-chow, dozen KK donut and more were given at the end of the meeting.  Thank you to all who donated!


Next meeting is scheduled for October 8, 2018.  We will have Kerry Owen, President, SC State Beekeeper Association, SC Beekeeper of the year 2018, owner of Bee Well Honey in Pickens as our guest speaker.

There will also be a grand door prize to be given in October.  More information on that will be announced soon!

You will not want to miss this one!


Respectfully submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary

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