ACBA August 12th Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2019
Anderson Federal Credit Union
100 Hanna Crossing, Anderson, SC 29621
Members in Attendance: 25 Visitors: 4
Meeting was called to order by Keith Ausburn, Vice President
Opening Prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler
Upcoming Local Events:
Friday, August 16, 3-5pm
Honeybee Hootenanny at SC Botanical Gardens
Contact Allison Jones 864-656-0203 to register
Saturday, August 17th, 8am-8pm
World Honey Bee Day Festival in Pickens
at Bee Well Honey Farm
Speaker: Keith Ausburn
Topic: Q&A
Discussions included:
– Varroa treatment options chart was handed out
– Checking your hives honey supply and what to leave them for the winter
– Club members discussed their hive losses this year
– How to avoid wax moths in your stored boxes
– A notice in drone numbers starting to decline
– Queens are laying less
– Make sure you are feeding if necessary, keep an eye out for robbing
• The club extractor has been utilized by many members already this season! If you still
need to borrow it for your honey extraction, please contact Renae at 864-444-4763
• is asking for beekeepers to join their 3rd annual Mite-A-Thon from September
7-21 The Mite-A-Thon is a tri-national effort to collect mite infestation data and visualize
varroa infestations in honey bee colonies across North America within a one week window.
All beekeepers can participate, creating sampling sites in Canada, the United States, and
• Dave Miller will be offering a practical, contact him at for further
• Laurens Co. Beekeepers, in conjunction with Spartanburg, will be offering a Journeyman
Course in January or possibly spring of 2020. It will be held at Clemson Extension Office in
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
Door Prizes were handed out at the close of the meeting.
Next meeting, September 9, 2019
6:30 pm fellowship and refreshments, meeting at 7pm.
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary

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