ACBA Meeting Minutes 5/10/21

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2021
Anderson County Farmers Market
402 N. Murray Ave., Anderson, SC
Members in Attendance: 36
Meeting was held by Keith Raines, President
State membership is conducted thru SCBA via:
SCBA held certified testing in Easley, SC this past weekend at Rock Springs Baptist Church
SCBA will hold a summer conference in July 2021
Anderson Count Library will host “Bee Blitz” Saturday, May 22 from 10am-12pm.
• Activities for children, family event
• Registration is online
• Clemson Ext. will be onsite with observation hive
Facebook page suggestions:
Clemson Apiculture
Clemson Extension Pollinator and Invertebrate
Topics Discussed with open Q&A:
• Things to keep in mind during nectar flow
• Dealing with swarms
• Queen replacement
2020 Memberships will roll over to 2021 without fees.
New members $15
May Beekeeping Calendar
• Add supers as necessary
• Keep an eye out for swarms
• Experienced beekeepers help out new beekeepers
• IPM for control of hive beetles
• Attend bee meetings
Next meeting: June 14, 2021, location to be announced
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary

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