Club Contacts

Officers of the Association

Keith Raines (President)                  864-380-7787

Keith Ausburn (Vice President)       864-442-3506

Linda Rakey (Treasurer)                 864-224-4245

Renae Ausburn(Secretary)             864-444-4763



One thought on “Club Contacts

  1. Adam Westbury

    I’ve been coming to the meetings the last couple months so I haven’t really met everybody yet. I only have one hive this year and I checked it today and one frame was filled with shb larvae and the hive was queenless. There were a few spotty drone cells I’m assuming from a laying worker? Maybe they are old drone cells cause one was about to hatch. The last time I checked my bees was three weeks ago and they were doing fine they had just raised their own queen and she had about three frames full of brood so I added a second box. That’s when things went south I guess. I am hoping those drone cells are old drones and there is no laying worker. The problem is, I need a queen. Fast. I didn’t know if there was anyone around the area that raises queens as I would like to have a local one and it will be quicker so I can hopefully re-queen the hive tomorrow or Saturday. I’m worried that there won’t be enough bees to help her out if I wait too long. Thanks so much and sorry for the long e-mail.

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