January 2015 Newsletter

ACBA January 2015 Meeting


ACBA – Time to kick off the New Year. First meeting will be held Monday January 12th at the Starr Town Hall at 7:00pm.

We have plenty of seats for all members new and old. I would like to challenge each member to bring a friend to the meeting. Whether that be your spouse, your neighbor, your friend. Just try your best to bring a friend to the meeting.

Don’t forget that it is time to pay our dues for 2015. I am requesting all dues be paid in full by the end of the month. $25.00 covers all your local and state dues.

Meeting agenda will cover

  • Current status of the upcoming short course for new beekeepers
  • Mentor program for 2015
  • Update on the bank account. We are in good shape!
  • A presentation of beekeeper practices from around the area.



January – Reading & Planning

Catch up on reading the bee magazine articles or read a good book on queen rearing, colony increase or other advanced topics. Attend other regional bee meeting if possible. Make sure you have your nucs or packages on order. Feed hives as needed. Not a lot going on in the hive.

See you soon.

James Ott

ACBA President

864 221-2123

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