March 2016 Newsletter

ACBA March 2016 Meeting   

ACBA – Meeting will be held Monday March 14th at the Starr Town Hall at 7:00pm.


Temperatures are rising. Foragers are coming back with tons of pollen. Fed maple in full bloom. That means the queen is getting excited and laying. Get ready for the explosion of newly hatched bees. More and more drones emerging!!


New class will be finishing in the next week. Field day on the 19th. Will need mentors to be present to kick off a great start in the future of these new beekeepers. Nothing is more exciting than a new beekeeper going into a hive for the first time.


Are you ready for the spring? Boxes built/repaired, painted, new yard locations identified, bees ordered? Our spring nectar flow comes very quickly. Be preparedJ


Meeting agenda will cover


  • Current status of the short course for new beekeepers
  • Mentor program update
  • Open forum. Bee talk!!



March – Monitor, monitor, monitor!


Evaluate overwintered hives and feed as necessary. If extra protein is needed pollen patties are a good choice now. Do be careful – excessive feeding/pollen can create early swarms!! Make sure you have room for incoming nectar… a shortage now means less honey later. If you are planning on harvesting varietal honey watch the blooms so you can harvest on time. Start reviewing swarm prevention. Now is the time to be proactive.


See you soon.



James Ott

Owner, Cedar Ridge Apiary

President, Anderson County Beekeepers Association

864 221-2123

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