August 2016 Newsletter ACBA August 2016 Meeting

ACBA – Meeting will be held Monday August 8th at the Starr Town Hall at 7:00pm.

Critical time for our bees. The current dry weather conditions is effecting even our maintenance pants ability to produce nectar. Robbing hives of their honey can incite nearby hives into a robbing situation. Be very careful to avoid having a hive open too long. Pest, pest, pest…This is the time of the year where both varroa mite levels peak putting your colonies at risk. Hive beetle populations explode and some hives may need your intervention.

Meeting agenda will cover

  • Update from the July SCBA meeting??
  • Open forum. Bee talk!!


August – Preparation for Fall

Start preparing to treat for mites. Mite levels at their peak and bring are vectors for a ton of viruses and disease. What method will you use to measure mite loads? When will you perform treatments if needed? What method of treatment will you be using? The queen will start slowing down and you will have time for a generation or two of healthy mite free bees going into winter. If your hive is light and not producing honey, consider feeding and re-queen as necessary to help the bees thrive into winter.

See you soon.



James Ott

Owner, Cedar Ridge Apiary

President, Anderson County Beekeepers Association

864 221-2123

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