November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers Association

Minutes – 11/14/16

President James Ott opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.    Wilson Wheeler offered a prayer.  22 people attended.

Business – James Ott had prepared ballots for election of officers for the two year term starting January 1st.  The slate included Dave Miller as President, James as Vice President, Linda Rakey as Secretary, Renae Ausburn as Treasurer, and per our ByLaws, a Chaplain, Wilson Wheeler.  The duties of membership will be removed from the Secretary and added to the Treasurer’s responsibilities.  Renae and Linda will confer on how to do this.

The holiday party will again be at the Golden Corral banquet room on December 12th  at 6:00 pm.  Members will purchase their own dinners and are responsible for tips at their tables.  Gifts will be purchased by the club to distribute to attendees.

Treasurer’s Report – Dave Miller reported that many members have already paid the 2017 dues.  A dues notice was mailed to all.

WebsiteBill Glenn was absent.

Program – Bee Talk:  Q & A.

If your bees have few or no honey stores, you must feed through winter.  Be sure to remove the queen excluder from above the brood, so the queen can feed, too.

Jim Bach has been feeding his bees from a community feeder.  He plans to transition to feeding within the hive as it gets colder.

There were many questions about the best way to feed.  A top feeder is the one most commonly used, but the feeding area may not be directly over the cluster.  Bees will not leave the cluster around the queen and brood to partake of syrup if it is not close enough; they would rather starve.

Some people use an upside down jar of syrup with holes in the lid, like that on a Boardman feeder.  They put the jar within another empty hive body or medium super.  That way the jar can be moved around over the cluster.  This does create a lot of dead air space above the frames to be warmed.  James said to put two pencil-sized spacers under the jar to allow for bee access space.

There is also a kind of inner cover with two jar lid-sized holes cut in it and screen across them.  The addition can be rotated so the holes are closer to the cluster.  As long as the jar lid sets directly on the screen, the bees can feed from it and this would keep the frames warmer.

You may put your plastic bottom trays back in for the winter to keep out the cold wind.

Has anyone noticed a difference in bee behavior since our area has been covered by wildfire smoke?  It must be disruptive to the colony in some way, but no one could say.

Joe Kelly stated that in more than 40 years of beekeeping, he has never seen a more difficult year for bees.  Everyone is concerned about the outcome of this winter season.  With the summer drought coming so early in the year, there was no stimulation for the queen to lay enough eggs for a strong colony.  After lack of laying comes a drop in population, then all the problems and diseases of a small colony.

Someone asked about the color of pollen coming into their hive.  The orange pollen may be from goldenrod or camellia/sasanqua.  White or gray pollen may be old pollen.

Door Prizes –Dana Leonhirth brought a dozen duck eggs.  Danny Mitchell won them.  Thanks, Dana!  Members are encouraged to bring any door prizes, not just bee stuff.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Rakey, Secretary

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