ACBA November 11, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Anderson County Beekeepers
Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2019
Anderson Federal Credit Union
100 Hanna Crossing, Anderson, SC 29621
Members in Attendance: 19 Visitors: 3
Meeting was called to order by Keith Raines, President
Opening Prayer was given by Wilson Wheeler
Upcoming Events:
ACBA Christmas Supper will be Monday, Dec. 9th
location will be at Mama Penn’s in Anderson @ 6pm
• 2020 Beekeeping Course
Dates are Feb. 11th, 18th, 25th, March 3rd, 10th, 17th, rain date March 24th
6 week course, classes at AFCU, $75.00 Field day 1st Sat. after end of course.
Speaker: Keith Raines
November Beekeeping Calendar
• Less bee activity due to cold weather will send them into a cluster
• On warm days bees will fly out to make cleansing flights and forage for pollen
• Keep the entrance small enough for two bees to enter
• Make sure equipment is stored properly to stop wax moth damage
• You can feed syrup when the temperature allows (45-50 degrees)
Should you continue to use oil in trays throughout winter?
Yes, if a tray is in use it should always be cleaned out and have oil. Make sure the trays
are all the way in to prevent bees from becoming trapped inadvertently.
Should we still feed syrup if the have full honey stores?
No, as long as you know they have plenty of honey stores. A way of keeping check is
the weight of the hive. Feed if necessary.
How often should you replace old frames from the hive?
Every year or two, rotate older and/or damaged frames for new ones.
December speaker: Ben Powell, Clemson University
Pollinator and Invertebrate Conservation
843-546-1013 ext. 241
Door Prizes were handed out at the close of the meeting.
Next meeting will be the ACBA Christmas Supper at Mama Penn’s in Anderson @ 6pm
Facebook: Anderson County Beekeepers Association of SC
Respectfully Submitted by Renae Ausburn, Secretary

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